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Southern Hyperbole on High

The rantings of a Southern Bitch-Diva

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Damn fine all the time
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After more than my fair share of health problems and a number of deaths in my family, I stopped posting regularly. And then I started focusing on my art work. Most of what you'll see on here these days are updates related to goals I have posted on 43things, most but not all are art related goals. If you want to see what I'm up to in terms of creative work:




absurdism, anne boggart, anthropology, art, autobiographical narratives, avant garde, bagels, ballroom dancing, banter, bicycles, biking, bitches, books, camp, children's folklore, collarbones, comedy, conversation, conversion narratives, costumes, curmudgeons, dance, dancing, deja vu, depression, dialogue, diamanda galas, dias de muertos, diners, directing, dorothy parker, drag kings, drag queens, eavesdropping, edith head, ella fitzgerald, emily dickinson, erotica, experimental film, experimental video, exuberance, fairy tales, fantasies, fantasy, feminism, film, flaws, flipcharts, foibles, folk tales, fountain pens, fundraising, gender bending, group dynamics, group process, hats, high tea, history, hospitality, hyperbole, intellectual omnivores, interviewing people, interviews, irony, jane austen, laughter, laurie anderson, learning, leonard cohen, letter writing, libraries, listening, loners, louise brooks, lydia lunch, mae west, malingering, manners, meandering, mirrors, musicals, myths, necks, nightmares, nina simone, north central florida, oak trees, obesity, observing, obsessions, patrick califa, performance art, performing, photography, porn, prince, puns, radio plays, reading, religion, repartee, sass, satire, science fiction, self help, sex, shaking that ass, simple pleasures, sincerity, singing, skeletons, smut, solitude, songs, southerness, spanish moss, speaking, surrealism, susie bright, sweet tea, tableaux, talking, tallulah bankhead, teaching, tempests, the algonquin round table, the rhetoric of capitalism, the tempest, the vicious circle, the wee hours, theater, theatre, theory, thinking, thunderstorms, tragedy, traveling, video, viragos, wandering, watching, wigs, wit, women science fiction authors, woolgathering, word play, words, writing, yiddishkeit

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